The New Generic CADD for Windows


General CADD Pro v14

GCP 14 is our latest version. We've eliminated the dongle! After purchasing a license, we will create a license key and upload it to the web. At launch, GCP14 will automatically download the license and store it locally. An internet connection is only necessary during the initial activation.

GCP 14 Update (v14.20.0721)

GCP 14 Full Version

GCP 14 Help document

  Revision History 
Version 0721 - Transfer license supported

  Past versions - v12 & v11 

GCP12 (full version), GCP 12 (update 12.1.55)

GCP 11 (full version), GCP 11 (update - 11.1.28)

Component Libraries & Fonts

Fonts (.gxf files)





V14 Licensing Instructions

Assuming you have GCP14 installed and running in demo mode.

Step 1: Purchase a license. GCP14 is our latest CADD package. All other CADD versions are not for sale. If you require a dongle, GCP12 is available for an additional charge.

Step 2: Launch GCP14 and send us your customer information. This is a necessary step for us to create you license key.

* Please Note: Sometimes sending an email through this dialog does not work because the default email system may not be setup on your computer. An alternative way is to click the Copy to Clipboard button and paste into your own email. Send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Step 3: Once we receive your customer information email, we will create a license key and notify you . To activate the license, just relaunch GCP 14.



Install Trouble Shoot Guide
  • If during the installation you should receive a 1925 error, claiming you do not have administrative privileges, abort the installation. Then locate the file you downloaded (Ex. GCP14-FULL.exe), right mouse click on the file click on  Run As Administrator.
  • You may have to turn “User Account Control” (UAC) OFF (Never notify) temporarily before installing. After verifying that the program has been installed, turn UAC back ON.  This setting is found in the Control Panel>User Accounts>Change User Account Control settings. A reboot may be required. This is more of an issue with Windows 7.
  • Windows Defender SmartScreen "Don't run" warning:
    • If you get this warning while installing or running GCP, just click the More info link and then 'Run anyway".