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ASC2GXM BETA Version Downloads
includes PT2ASC Utility

Surveyor's Point Data to General CADD Pro Converter

ASC2GXM is a Free utility addition to General CADD Pro which will perform many of the functions of "The Draftsman", a program popular among Surveyors using Generic CADD in MSDOS. 

ASC2GXM will convert the ASCII output of a Surveyor's Total Station for display, annotation and editing in General CADD Pro.  ASC2GXM will convert and display Points, Point Numbers, Point Labels, Coordinates, Elevations, Lines, CW and CCW Arcs, random 3 point arcs and complex curves.  Once this information is displayed in General CADD Pro, Bearing and Distance labels can be added through the use of special Surveyor's commands already available in the General CADD Program.

NOTE:  The program listed below can be run by anyone who downloads it.  You do not need to be a purchaser to run the program.  ASC2GXM will run in "Demo" mode if you have not yet purchased version 4.1 or newer of General CADD Pro.  Data File Saving is disabled in Demo mode.

GCP 3, 4 & 5
ASC2GXM FULL Version Installation  - For GCP 3 4 & 5 Users

Download this file if this is the first time you are installing version ASC2GXM  updated 1-6-06  (1.6 Meg)  Includes PT2ASC program
Click Here

Visit the Surveyor's Corner in our Help Forum  Click Here 

New PT2ASC Program

Included in this download is the new PT2ASC Utility Program which affords a simple and fast way to export points from GCP, annotate them and save to an ASC file for transfer back to a data recorder.


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