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General CADD Pro   Version 6.1   Files to Download

What is General CADD Pro?  Click Here

NOTE:  All programs listed below can be run by anyone who downloads them.  You do not need to be a purchaser to run any of them.  

General CADD programs will run in "Demo" mode if you have not yet purchased the program.  File Saving is disabled in Demo mode.  (standard Windows uninstaller included)


Because of the many differences between previous versions, This 6.1 version download of GCP will create a new parent folder c:\General Cadd 6.  All files pertaining to Version 6.1 will be kept in this directory structure.  This  version download will not overwrite or replace any existing version of GCP.

If you have version 3.1,  4.1 or 5.1 on your computer, you will have to copy any fonts, hatches, macros, drawings and components you wish to use with Version 6 from the c:\General Cadd 4 or 5 folder to c:\General Cadd 6.   In the v 6.1 Help Drop Down Menu is a new MIGRATE Environment command which will assist you in copying your files.

New Version 6 Command Video Tutorials >>    Click Here
FULL Install
General CADD Pro 6.1.76
FULL Version

Download and then run this installation program only if this is the first time you are installing version 6.1. (13.7 Meg)  updated 7-15-2008

If you have been running GCP6 BETA you do not need to download this FULL installation.  Just select the UPGRADE below

Click Here for Install Details -Tips

Select this file if you are seeking to download a "try before you buy" DEMO

List of New Features

Click Here


Version History

General CADD Pro 6.1.92 
 updated 1-27-2010

Download and then run this file only if you have a previously installed and working copy of Version 6 of General CADD Pro (6.9 Meg) 

This file is smaller and will save 1/3 the amount of time to download if you already have the FULL version above installed but it does not contain all the files necessary to run GCP6 without a prior FULL installation.

Click Here
USB DRIVER Most Recent Security Device Driver Click Here

Help Manual

HelpInstallV6.EXE )

  General CADD Pro On Screen Help Manual

Download this file to receive the full and latest version of the help manual.  This manual was updated

Be sure to read the "What's New in GCP 6.1 Page"

This manual is not included in the FULL Download and must be downloaded and installed separately and whenever it is updated.

Click Here

Minimum Recommended:
Pentium III, Windows XP with 512 Meg RAM
The faster the processor and more memory, the better.

Microsoft® Vista, Windows XP Home & Professional and 64, Windows 2000
512 MB RAM minimum (1 GB preferred) the more memory, the better
150MB of hard disk space or more
Pentium®- or AMD Athlon™-class processor 
Pointing device (scroll mouse 3 button preferred)
CD-ROM drive
USB or Parallel Port 

We recommend using Windows XP Pro (32 or 64 bit)

GCP Symbol Libraries
(libraries of components)

Note:  These symbols require Version 4.1, 5.1or 6.1 to function

Architecture Free Symbol Library,  2,703 Components Click Here
Electrical Free Symbol Library,  2,517 Components Click Here
Mechanical Free Symbol Library,  7,507 Components Click Here
PDF Driver

Free PDF Printer Driver for creating PDF files from GCP

Click Here
More Files All Other Files To Download Click Here


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Upgrade orders from previous versions can be placed on line here




General CADD Pro (GCP)  Windows 2D CADD drafting software featuring 2 letter command structure, windows menus, powerful Macro language, 32 bit accuracy and .DWG, .DXF, .CMP, .GCD, .VCD, .VCS & .MCR file compatibility.

General CADD Products, Inc., 1 Railroad Avenue, Cherry Valley, N. Y. 13320 USA